Smileflow ArtCompany - logoSmileflow ArtCompany was set up in 2012 in Cracow, by the musician, pianist, Richard Święch. Since that time we try to make people dreams came true, people who have courage to dream and to get what they want to. Our Students – entrepreneurs, lecturers, managers, programists, farmers, students, children, pensioners – they come to us, because they want something more from life. They look for something like shelter for their everyday problems, an area where they could rest after work or school, they come for something which could give them new, indescribable joy and satisfaction, a feeling of self-realization, and sometimes they just look for knowledge and improvement of their musical skills to become professionalists.

And we love to make their dreams came true and see smile on their faces. That’s why we still go forward, to give our Students possibilities which they couldn’t get anywhere else. On our lessons there’s no place for hours of boring excersises, long theory lectures, playing unknown and horrible beginner-type  songs from the previous century. Smileflow ArtCompany is the new approach to teaching how to play instruments: from your first lesson play songs which you love and which you listen to; record pieces you will learn in a professional way using MIDI and audio tracks as in real studio and then share them with your family and friends, since you play an instrument then you should perform – at the end of every semester our Students have unique possibility to play a real gig, but not in ordinary school classes or community center, but in the best music clubs in Cracow. And this is only the beginning, because we’re still growing and going forward to be the best for our Students!

At the moment we offer following lessons:

  • piano / keyboard
  • acoustic and electric guitar
  • bass guitar
  • violin
  • cello
  • vocal


We are young and innovative company which works only for one purpose – to help poeople make their dreams came true, and awake artists which live inside them. 

Come to us and find an artist inside yourself!


Prices starts from only 40 PLN


Ask a question about lessons (we reply up to 24hrs!):


Call:  + 48 781 855 496  or write: biuro@smileflow.pl